A world of word games for clever Earthlings.

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Questling says: Welcome!

Take me to your Leaderboard.

They came, they saw, they conquered our language… then they forgot it. But that‘s ok. That‘s why you‘re here. Help the Wordlings unpuzzle our language and they‘ll help you become Master of the Word Puzzle Universe.

6 Modes & Infinite Puzzles

With endless solo play, daily and weekly challenges, turn based and all-at-once competition — You've got a galaxy of word-puzzling all in one place.


Orbs & Tickets

Use your otherworldly word-puzzling skills to earn Orbs that you can use to power up your Wordlings.

Spend tickets to enter daily & weekly challenges to set astronomically high scores and outdo your earthbound peers.


How To Play

You get just one set of letters to make enough words to fill every tray.

Each letter can be used only once. Solve it by finding all the hidden words.

The higher you climb, the longer the words. How high can you climb?

Drag to connect letters and make as many words as you can.

Start as friends, but after this fast free-for-all, “frenemies” might be the best you can hope for.

Use Wordlings strategically to shoot for the moon. Can the other person do better?

Earn Orbs through gameplay. Use your Orbs to unlock, collect, and power up Wordlings.

Every Wordling has a special power. You have 3 active at a time. Use Wordlings strategically to supercharge your gameplay and bolster your score.

In addition to Orbs, you can earn tickets that reveal secret hints, as well as grant you access to daily and weekly events and specialized tournaments.

Use tickets to participate in daily and weekly events.

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